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Some people have in life a tenacious motivation that does not disappear;And it matters not how hesitant they become they always press beyond their fears.Then life rewards their motivation with stories of accomplishments some could not dare;Not because of their ability to succeed but because of their capacity to care.
"Motivation," from the book, 'Perspective Lessons from the Journey' by Dr. Nicole A. Jones

Dr. Nicole A. Jones is a writer, entrepreneur and esteemed author. In 2009, Dr. Nicole started writing as an outlet to relieve herself of the pain after the loss of her dad but over time had accumulated hundreds of writing in the form of poems, songs and journals. When asked, what makes her writings so unique, she says, “I am not a distant writer. I walk through the storms of life with my eyes opened. I not only know what fear, pain, anxiety, hurt feel like, I also know what they look like. Despite the boisterous winds, rain and dark clouds, I write. I write through my tears because I know that in the end that I will not only have the ability to relate but also have the ability to explain the measures I took to get out of it.”

She adds, “I am not a storm chaser. I do not go looking for storms, but if I happen to become caught in one, I try to benefit from it.” She concludes, “Personal failures and personal difficulties can be outstanding resources in our lives, but it is the way we employ them that determines if we excel forward or remain stagnant.”

Dr. Nicole achieved her Doctorate and Master's degrees in Business Administration and her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health. During her spare time, Dr. Nicole enjoys reading, writing, participating in community outreach activities and spending time with her family.


Though Dr. Nicole is a writer of fiction and non-fiction books for an array of readers, the one common thread in each book is her ability to convey a message or clear moral of the story. Whether an early reader or an adult reader, audiences are destined to leave with new insight regarding the topic in any of Dr. Nicole's books.

Dr. Nicole understands and supports the virtues gained from the older generation taking time to teach the younger generation how to leave in the world. Consequently, her books that are written for early and young readers are designed for children and parents or caregivers to read and discuss together. Each book contains terms (or a term) that will help expand the young reader's vocabulary. Dr. Nicole's books are appropriate for elementary, middle, high school students and adult readers and written in a way the whole family can enjoy.