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Never spend time chasing after a dream;And never hold up your life waiting on a dream to catch up to you;Just live each day to its fullest, taking advantage of good opportunities;And when your dreams find you, pursue.
"Keep Dreaming," from the book, 'Perspective: Lessons from the Journey' by Nicole A. Jones

Grandpa Teaches Me about Diabetes

Grandpa Teaches Me About Diabetes is a colorful and endearing narrative of a grandmother who has diabetes and a grandfather who educates his inquisitive grandson on diabetes and sheds light on what it could entail. Grandpa Teaches Me About Diabetes is a great educational tool that provides crucial, yet sensitive insights and captivating illustrations about diabetes. This book is written for young readers and parents or caregivers to read together. Join along with your young reader and help erase any misconceptions that may be found among young children who suffer from- or knows someone who suffers from diabetes.

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The Voiceless Stories of Miss Ada

In this African American coming of age tale, Miss Lucille stirs her family’s emotions by telling the story of a mysterious lady named Miss Ada. For decades, Miss Lucille recited the narrative of Miss Ada to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as a folk tale. However, rumors began to swirl that the tale was filled with a deep, dark past, and many of the children in the room were seeds of them. At a pivotal point in Miss Lucille’s life, the family came together to uncover the secrets of Miss Ada, to determine which parts of the story are truly Miss Ada and which aspects are those of her descendants. “The Voiceless Stories of Miss Ada” are the untold occurrences hidden in the generations of Miss Ada, desperately begging for a voice to be heard. Join Miss Lucille’s family in their search to unveil the truth.

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Minnie Kangaroo Gets the Flu

Minnie Kangaroo gets the Flu is another colorful, inspiring and informative narrative by Nicole A. Jones. Sick with the flu, is forced to stay home and away from school and her friends. While sick, Minnie discovers good practices she should follow at home to recover from the flu and get back to doing what she loves, playing with her friend Joey.

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My Black History

With discrimination still plaguing modern-day civilization, love and respect prove virtuous above all else in Nicole A. Jones' book, My Black History. With insightful text and compelling illustrations on every page, a kind and sensible grandmother reminds her children to rise above society’s critical views to leave the world a better place. Nicole A. Jones' rhythmic and candid approach will have young readers enthralled in lessons of black history.

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